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Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium
Pokemon Uranium takes place in the lush, diverse Tandor region…

Game Details

Title: Pokemon Uranium

Platform: PC (Rpg Maker XP Game)

Category: RPG

Developer: ~JV~, Involuntary-Twitch

Release Date: August 6, 2016

How To Update Game:

1- Go to the install folder of pokemon uranium default folder is:

• C:Program Files (x86)Pokemon Uranium TeamPokemon Uranium 1.0

2- Then go to neoncube folder and open neoncube.ini find:

• patch_list  = /Patches/patchlist.html

3- And change it to:

• patch_list  = /Patches/patchlist.txt

Now the Patcher should work now

PS: you need admin rights to edit the file, so open your text editor with admin rights or

just move the file to your desktop edit, save and move back to the folder

Release Name: Pokemon Uranium

Size: 260 MB

About This Game

Pokemon Uranium takes place in the lush, diverse Tandor region, home to over 150 new and unique species of Pokemon. Tandor is known for its world famous Tandor Regional Championship, where Trainers from all across the Pokemon world compete for the honor of being crowned Champion.

System Requirements

Minimum: NA

Recommended: NA


Pokemon Uranium Free Download
Pokemon Uranium Free Download



Pokemon Uranium

1. Extract release

2. Install

3. Play!


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