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GALER Plague of Heroes

GALER Plague of Heroes
GALER Plague of Heroes – A new and innovative game combining the old school RPG’s from yesteryear with the survival horror element in a zombie apocalypse. Travel the world in search of survivors while learning the truth behind the zombie outbreak. Does God actually exist? Or is something more sinister awaiting….

Game Details

Title: GALER: Plague of Heroes

Genre: RPG

Developer: Graham Dodge

Publisher: Graham Dodge

Release Date: 5 May, 2017


Release Name: GALER Plague of Heroes

Game Version: First Release

Game Releaser: DEVO

Size: 2.01 GB

About This Game

In the medieval land known as GALER, a thick fog begins rolling in from coast to coast,

and rumors of the dead walking have people in a panic. It is at this time an ancient mind

awakes and begins reaching out to some of the last survivors on the planet, having them

unite as one force in one of the last surviving kingdoms. These strangers are then faced

with a truth so terrifying that they must confront their own inner demons if they ever hope

to make a stand against the living dead, for the true force behind it all is waiting on the other side..

Special Features-

Unique dual random battle system- Choose four characters in your immediate party to complete

sections of the game, during which there are random encounters happening both in this immediate party

as well as back at the home base, choosing from your remaining characters. This allows for added

difficulty in GALER, as a defeat in either random battle results in game over.

Magic creation- Players have the ability to test and create new forms of magic using ingredients

collected throughout GALER.

Checking for traps- Not unlike detect traps in Dungeons & Dragons, if a rogue is on your team

they can perform a detect traps skill in dungeons.

Appraise items- A player can uncover rare items during the game that can be appraised and equipped

as magical weapons/armor

Tons of subplots and hidden storylines- Depending on who is (and who is not) on your immediate party and the time in which

you are in certain areas, unique subplots can be revealed that changes the relationships between other

characters in the game.

System Requirements


Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
Intel® Pentium®4 1.5GHz
100 MB RAM
1024×768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
2 GB available space


GALER: Plague of Heroes Free Download
GALER: Plague of Heroes Free Download
GALER: Plague of Heroes Free Download
GALER: Plague of Heroes Free Download
GALER: Plague of Heroes Free Download



GALER Plague of Heroes

1. Extract Release

2. Launch The Game

3. Play!


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