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Catch Me v0.2.2 Cracked

Catch Me v0.2.2 Cracked
"Catch Me" is a massively-multiplayer game of burglary and base defense. Players rob each other in this world.

Game Details

Title: Catch Me

Genre: Strategy

Developer: ZuoBuLaiGame

Publisher: ZuoBuLaiGame

Release Date: 11 Jun, 2016

Release Name: Catch Me v0.2.2 Cracked

Game Version: Update 0.2.2

Game Releaser: Cracked By DEVO

Size: 109 MB

About This Game

“You roll the map open under the lamplight and double check the marks you’ve made. This plan is months in the making, but in the end, it will all come down to a window of mere seconds. Nothing can go wrong.”

“Catch Me” is a strategy game that requires stealth and defense at the same time. You play as the leader of a group of magician thieves. You plan everything from behind the curtains.


  • Rich strategy: Pull magical props from your hat to play tricks on the circus guards.
  • MMO Thievery: Design your own maze which might be “visited” at any time. Infiltrate friends’ mazes and leave them with nothing but cobwebs in their safes.
  • Recording System: Records each operation of thieves, replays their whole process of stealing.

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 256 MB available space


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Catch Me v0.2.2 Cracked
1. Extract Release

2. Launch The Game

3. Play





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